Karibu Africa,Karibu Tanzania

Here are some of programmes that are popular in northen Tanzania of which its highlights include the Serengeti National park,and Ngorongoro crater,We can also facilitate a tour to southern circuits,coastal historical cities and to the I sland of Zanziber,The reasonable safari in the area can range from day trip to 15days and more.

Note:its upon  to the clients to opt for either camping only or camping safari mixed with lodge accomodation.

DAY TRIPS(samples)

  1. Arusha National park
  2. Tarangire National park
  3. lake Manyara National park

4DAYS-3NIGHTS (sample a)Manyara,Serengeti,Ngorongo

OR (SAMPLE B)Arusha National park,Tarangire N.park,Lake Manyara N.park or Tarangire N.park,Lake Manyara N.park

5DAYS-4NIGHTS(safari sample)Lake Manyara N.park,Serengeti N.park x 2,Ngorongoro crater.

6days-5nights(safari sample)Tarangire,Lake Manyara,Serengeti x2,Ngorongoro crater

7DAYS-6NIGHTS(safari sample(a)Ngorongoro crater,Serengeti x2 ,Lake Natron x 2,Lake Manyara N.park

(sample (b)Longido masailand, Tarangire N.park,Ngorongoro crater,Serengeti x 2,Lake Manyara N.park

8DAYS-7NIGHTS(safari sample)Monduli juu or longido(maasai village x2 ,Tarangire N.park,Lake Manyara N.ark,Serengeti N.park x2,Ngorongoro.

9Days-8Nights(safari sample)Arusha N.park,Tarangire N.park,Lake eyasi x2,Ngorongoro crater,Serengeti N.park x2,Lake Manyara N.park.

sample(B )TarangireN.park x2,Lake Eyasi x2,Ngorongoro,Serengeti N.park x2,Lake Manyara

10Days-9Nights(safari sample (a)Ngorongoro crater,SerengetiN.park x2,Musoma(lake victoria x2,Ikoma (serengeti)Lake Natron x2,Lake Manyara.

sample(B)Tarangire n.PARK,lake Eyasi x2,Ngorongoro,Serengeti N.park x2,Lake Natron x2,Lake mANYARA

11Days-10Nights(safari sample)