Karibu Africa! Karibu Tanzania!
Tanzania is a place of reflection, adventure, and relaxation.  Gerald Ulomi, the most acclaimed safari cook in africa, is at your service to make your visit to Africa’s most exciting country truly authentic and memorable.
Born and raised in Tanzania, Gerald can offer you unique opportunities to explore  daily life in Africa and observe, as well as participate in, daily community life.
Our clients agree that among the highlights of their experiences are the daily meals that Gerald, seemingly magically, produces while on safari.  Cooked on an open fire with the simplest, age-old, methods, his meals equal the complexity, taste and refinement unequalled on the Tanzanian safari circle.  Gerald culinary genius will leave with you a taste of Africa you will never forget.

Of course, we will accommodate any special request, be they for vegetarian meals, low- cholesterol, kosher dishes, freshly baked fruit muffins, or soufflés.  Whatever your heart and stomach desire, just mention it.

Therefore, be sure to ask for Gerald Ulomi to be your safari cook during your safari.

Wanting to enrich your Safari Experience with the best cook in Africa that Africa has to offer?

Ask for Gerald to be your safari cook during the trip!

Once you are out in the savanna you really need a cook you can rely on. The nature and wildlife experience in the Northern part of Tanzania will delight you – Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti are just some of the highlights. The most famous cook of Africa will surprise you with excellent food in the outback. You will be amazed what Gerald serves you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you can be sure that you won´t waste your time in the bush.

Seeking advice to find the right Itineraries and Tour Operators for your Safari?

Ask Gerald Ulomi who knows them all!

Gerald is not only the master of every safari kitchen – he knows all the great places in the Northern Circuit. The best spots in the great National Parks as well as all the hidden places at Tarangire, Embakai Crater and the active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai. He is also the one who accompany those hiking up Mt. Meru or Mt. Kilimanjaro or trekking the Crater area and Great Rift Valley escarpment. And most important of all, he knows all the companies that organize safaris from the inside.

Want to make the most out of your Safari Experience?

Contact Gerald!

Be wise and choose your Tour Operator and the staff that will accompany you during your safari carefully. Gerald is working in the business for many years and knows all about it. He will assist you when you need help in the preparation of your safari and he will be there for you when you are on the trip. Call the most famous cook of Africa (+255 755885419) or contact Gerald via  gerald@cookofafrica.com